School of Applied Sciences

The University of Mississippi

Research & Analytics Laboratory

As the School continues to develop national research presence, the sophistication of research projects at both the faculty and students level will increase.  This increase will require more complicated methodology and statistical analyses.

In response to this, the School of Applied Sciences launched the Research & Analytics Laboratory to support students and faculty led research projects and provides research opportunities for students within the School of Applied Sciences.


  1. Improve the measurement and statistical quality of research done in the School of Applied Science
  2. Increase interdisciplinary, inter-departmental research and funding

Under the supervision of Dr. Minsoo Kang, the Lab Director, the Research & Analytics Lab provides educational training and offers consulting services to all students, faculty, and staff members of School of Applied Science. In addition to statistics, lab personnel consult on and train clients in measurement issues as well as research design.


  • Statistical Consulting
  • Statistical Analysis Module
  • Annual Statistical Workshop
  • New Faculty Research Presentation


The Analytics team consists of faculty members and doctoral students who provide statistical consulting.

Our Research & Analytics Lab is open to any faculty members in the School of Applied Sciences who want to join our analytics team, so please contact Dr. Minsoo Kang or Dr. Heontae Kim for further information.

For graduate students, there are opportunities to provide statistical consulting service. Please contact Dr. Heontae Kim ( for further information.