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Center for Intelligence and Security Studies Receives Software to Train Future Agents

Posted on November 3rd, 2014 by staff

OXFORD, Miss. – Students in the University of Mississippi’s Center for Intelligence and Security Studies can train on some of the most advanced software available to intelligence analysts, thanks to a major donation from industry leader Semantic Research Inc.

Semantic Research, a San Diego company, has granted the university a license agreement for its products valued at more than $811,000. The firm is a pioneer of the “NetCentric” approach to analysis and data-mining, in which relationships between items are used to explain complex information networks.

Its flagship product, Semantica Pro 5.5, provides data integration, network analysis and relationship management calibrated to address fast-changing social networks, financial transactions and criminal enterprise investigations.

“Semantica Pro adds another vital component to the tool kit of students entering the IC (intelligence community),” said Carl Jensen, CISS director. “Employers are actively seeking out candidates who are not just knowledgeable about the intelligence analysis process, and who major in languages, sciences, and liberal arts. Proficiency in software and data management is the new critical skill in the IC, soup to nuts.”

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