School of Applied Sciences
The University of Mississippi

Evidence-Based Policing & Reform Graduate Certificate Courses

Introduction to Evidence-Based Policing & Reform – CJ 682

This course provides an overview of evidence-based policing and reform with a focus on the evidencebased
movement as a scientific and social method. The goals of this course are to provide learners
with a foundational knowledge about various evidence-based strategies and tactics in policing and the
relevant theoretical perspectives that inform these evidence-based strategies and tactics.

Innovation & Reform in Policing – CJ 683

This course offers an in-depth examination of innovative approaches, practices, and strategies in
policing as well as an evaluation of their effectiveness. The goals of this course are for learners to
recognize and appreciate areas for innovation and reform in the field of policing with attention to
evidence-based best practices.

Police & Community Partnerships – CJ 684

This course explores the relationships between the police and the community from a historical
perspective and traces the evolution of police-community relations up to the current landscape. The
goals of this course are for learners to develop an understanding of the history of police-community
relations and to become aware of more recent efforts and strategies for the police to effectively engage
with communities they serve to improve public safety and increase perceptions of legitimacy and
procedural justice.

Police Technology & Policy – CJ 685

This course centers on reviewing the technological advancements in policing and on assessing the
utilization and effectiveness of these technological advancements. The goals of this course are for
learners to familiarize themselves with the types of technology that have and are being used in
policing, what works and what doesn’t, and how the implementation of these technological
advancements accompanies and/or impact policy.