School of Applied Sciences
The University of Mississippi

Academic Reform and Athletics Academic Success Courses

NCAA Governance – SAS 600

This course explores the formation and evolution of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  Topics will include intercollegiate athletics role(s) in higher education, existing NCAA committees, a review of the current NCAA Governance structure and legislative process, contemporary issues facing the Association and its member institutions, differences between athletic divisions and varying campus athletics structures including reporting lines, role of the Faculty Athletics Representatives and Athletics Boards.

Academic Advising and Support in Intercollegiate Athletics – SAS 604*

In this course learners will explore the role of athletic academic advising and support; including an in-depth exploration of athletic academic advisors, learning specialists, academic mentors, tutors and training of each group would be part of the course. Additionally, strategies for advising, reporting and communication with various campus entities will be discussed.

Initial-Eligibility, Progress-Toward-Degree and Certification – SAS 605*

This course is designed to examine the development of the initial-eligibility and progress-toward-degree rules, best practices in eligibility certification processes and related infractions cases. Unique scenarios, including international student-athletes, student-athletes pursuing dual-degrees, etc., will be explored to prepare students for these situations in the work force. Students will practice conducting initial-eligibility violations and determining NCAA certification standard for continuing student-athletes.

Academic Reform and the Academic Performance Program (APP) – SAS 606*

This course explores the differences between the Federal Graduation Rate, Graduation Success Rate and Academic Performance Rates. Students will practice drafting APR adjustments and Academic Improvement Plans as part of the course.