School of Applied Sciences

The University of Mississippi

School of Applied Sciences Publications 2008–2009

Published Manuscripts – Refereed

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Published Books/Monographs

  1. Horacio R. Trujillo, Ivan Khilko, Andres Villamizar, Roald Euller and Carl Jensen (2008) Foreign Government Anti-Money Laundering Activities Monitoring Program: Program Review and Country Reports. Santa Monica: RAND Corporation (not open to the general public)
  2. Jensen, C. J. (2008). The Operational Environment in Iraq and Its Effects on IED Use: Policing Strategies and Tactics. Santa Monica: RAND Corporation.
  3. Jensen, C. J. (2009). “Right-Wing Resurgence at Home.” Special Publication Prepared for National Intelligence Council. Santa Monica: RAND Corporation.
  4. Goh, B. K., & Kim, Y. H. (2008). Hospitality Managerial Cost Control (5th Ed.)

Book Chapters

  1. Rostker, B., L. Hanser, W. M. Hix, C. J. Jensen III, A. Morral, G. Ridgeway, T. Schell (2008). Evaluation of the New York Police Departments Firearms Training and Firearms Discharge Review Process Santa Monica: RAND Corporation.
  2. Clifford, J. E., C. J. Jensen III, and T. A. Petee (2009) “Media coverage of mass murder events: The influence of female victimization.” Women,Violence, and the Media (edited by Humphries). Lebanon, NH: Northeastern University Press.
  3. Stepteau-Watson, D. & Tolliver, d. (2008). Substance abuse in African American elders. in Grey, H. Ed. Cultural considerations in mental Health. Oxford University Press. Forthcoming.