School of Applied Sciences

The University of Mississippi

Statistical Module

What is the SAS Analytics Lab Statistical Module Project?

The SAS Analytics Lab developed a self-learning module to provide students useful statistical knowledge and skills for academic studies. The statistical module project supports the overarching purpose of the lab by providing quality training materials to Lab GA’s, who then will serve students, faculty, and staff members of the University. The SAS Analytics Lab Statistical Module includes:

  • Basic tutorial of SPSS
  • Basic statistical methods such as:
    • Correlation
    • Regression
    • T-test
    • ANOVA
    • MANOVA
  • Basic factor models

How to Access Statistical Module?

  • The lab will call for the applicants of statistical module self-learning in late November.
  • The lab will distribute the module to applicants in early December.
  • Students will be given two months for self-learning.
  • The module test will be assigned in February.
  • Students who passed the module test are eligible to become a Lab GA with a half assistantship (10 hours).

Please contact Dr. Katerina Berezina for further information.