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Students of the Month: Vinayak K. Nahar and Tawone Gray

Posted on October 27th, 2014 by staff

Student of the Month Grad

Vinayak K. Nahar, School of Applied Sciences Graduate Student of the Month

Vinayak K. Nahar is a third year health and kinesiology doctoral student in the Department of Health, Exercise Science and Recreation Management. Nahar already holds a master’s degree in health promotion from UM. His primary research involves identifying relationships between psychosocial factors and skin cancer prevention behaviors across various population groups at risk. Nahar has published 10 peer-reviewed publications and presented five abstracts at conferences. He is also a reviewer for many national and international journals in public health.

“Vinayak is the most productive graduate student that I have ever had the pleasure of working with,” said Dr. Allison Forde-Wade, associate professor of health, exercise science and recreation management. “He has gone above and beyond in the classroom to expand his knowledge in statistics by taking 12 additional hours above the required course work for the degree.”

Nahar has been awarded numerous awards while at Ole Miss including the Leon Garrett Achievement Award in 2011 and first place in the Graduate Student Council Poster Presentation in 2013.

Fredrick Tawone Gray is a senior pursuing his bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics. After graduation, he is interested in graduate studies to eventually become a registered dietitian. Gray is a member of UM’s Sports Nutrition team where he helps athletes understand proper nutrition; he is also an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Tawone Grey, undergraduate Student of the Month

Tawone Gray, School of Applied Sciences Undergraduate Student of the Month

“Tawone has been the champion sports nutrition volunteer since the inception of the program,” said Dr. Melinda Valliant, associate professor and director of nutrition and hospitality managment’s coordinated programs. “During summer and August intercession, Tawone was often the only volunteer who was available to help and several times offered to come in on weekends. He is very deserving of the Student of the Month Award.”

The School of Applied Sciences congratulates Vinayak and Tawone on their achievements!