School of Applied Sciences
The University of Mississippi

Biomechanics Graduate Certificate (Online)

About the Program 

The Biomechanics Graduate Certificate is a fully online program that includes four courses totaling 15 hours of graduate-level course work. Courses are offered in accelerated terms so that learners may complete the certificate in as little as one semester or as long as two years. The program is designed for individuals with backgrounds in engineering, kinesiology, human movement sciences, health, medicine, and other health related areas that are seeking an advanced understanding of biomechanics. The certificate is tailored to enhance professional competencies in musculoskeletal anatomy, functional kinesiology, injury evaluation and treatment, biomechanics instrumentation, sports and occupational biomechanics, therapeutic interventions, and medical device development. 

Key Benefits

  • 100% online
  • Complete in as little as one semester
  • 5 start dates throughout the year

Certificate Objectives 

The primary objectives of the Biomechanics Graduate Certificate are to: 

  1. Develop current knowledge of the biological, mechanical, and neurological mechanisms by which human movement is controlled.
  2. Identify and use engineering tools and biomechanical techniques that are used to study movement and musculoskeletal injuries, and applied in settings where injury prevention and rehabilitation occur.
  3. Prepare learners with advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to apply biomechanics principles to clinical and biomechanical evaluation and research.


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