School of Applied Sciences
The University of Mississippi

How do I Apply for Graduation?

Applying for graduation is a two-step process, both of which must be completed in order for a student to graduate. Be sure to understand the difference between “walking in commencement” and “graduating.” Walking in commencement does not mean that a student has obtained his or her degree. The degree is not conferred and a student does not actually graduate until all requirements for the degree have been met. Students who graduate in December will be invited back to walk in the following May commencement ceremony.

Step 1: Submit degree application to Dean’s Office

In order to graduate from The University of Mississippi, every student must submit a degree application to his or her Dean. Each school has a different process and different deadlines for submitting the degree application. The School of Applied Sciences students must submit their Letter of Intent (LOI) to Graduate online the semester prior to the student’s final semester.

  • In order to graduate and participate in commencement, you MUST complete an application from the link below.
  • Please click on link that applies below to be complete your LOI:

School of Applied Sciences Degree Application (LOI):

If you have submitted a Letter of Intent (LOI) previously, please do not submit another.

After submitting your LOI, you will be contact by your advisor if there are issues with your application. We encourage you to check your degree audit and follow up with your advisor if you have any questions/concerns.

Step 2: Submit On-Line Diploma Application to Office of the Registrar

Approximately two weeks before they are due, you will receive an e-mail (which automatically goes to your UM e-mail account unless you have had your e-mail forwarded to another account through the Help Desk) notifying you that it is time to submit your on-line Diploma Application. The e-mail contains a link to the web site where you will need to go to complete this form. When you complete the Diploma Application on-line, it goes to the Office of the Registrar where the list of graduates is compiled and diplomas are printed upon completion of your degree. If you do not complete this form, you will not graduate since the Office of the Registrar will not even know that you are a candidate for graduation.