School of Applied Sciences
The University of Mississippi

Important Policies

Course Withdrawal Policy

Students may add and/or withdraw from classes by computer before the published deadline. These deadlines and other important dates are listed on the University’s Registrar homepage at  under Academic Calendar. Students are responsible for knowing these dates and adhering to these deadlines. Applied Sciences students will not be allowed to withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline.

Policy on Transfer Courses and Dual Enrollment

Applied Sciences students must receive written permission from the School of Applied Sciences Dean’s Office prior to enrolling in courses at another institution. Unapproved transfer courses will not be accepted. Students are not permitted to be dually enrolled, i.e., enrolled in courses at UM as well as at another school during the same semester.

First Day of Class Attendance Policy

Students must attend the first meeting of every course for which they are registered unless prior approval is obtained from the instructor. Without such approval, a student may be dropped from a course by the dean of the school responsible for the course if the student is absent from the first class meeting.

Communications Policy

The School of Applied Sciences sends important announcements about graduation and other important information via the student’s UM e-mail address. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the Help Desk in Weir Hall to forward UM e-mail to Yahoo, Hotmail or any other accounts if the student chooses not to use the one provided by the University of Mississippi.

Student’s Ultimate Responsibility

“The university provides an academic advising system that requires each student to consult with an academic adviser prior to each registration period. The adviser’s role is to assist the student in making course selections and to approve the student’s schedule. The student, however, bears the ultimate responsibility for meeting all degree requirements“ (UM Spring 2008 Undergraduate Catalog, p. 39). Each Applied Sciences student is expected to be familiar with the catalog requirements that apply to all UM students as well as those of the student’s chosen degree. If in doubt concerning requirements, authoritative information may be obtained from the Office of the Dean of Applied Sciences.