School of Applied Sciences
The University of Mississippi

SAS Student of the Month Nomination

  • The SAS student of the month award recognizes students who are nominated by faculty or staff for exceptional performance in educational, research or service activities that exceed the norm and are considered exceptional. Students who are not selected will remain in the pool of candidates throughout the academic semester in which they are nominated and will be reconsidered each month. Students selected will:
    • Receive a letter from the dean
    • Receive a T-shirt
    • Receive recognition through a press release to their home town paper
    • Receive recognition throughout the month on the School’s website and other appropriate social media
    Nomination Criteria (Please use the following as guidance. Other significant events and activities can be considered):
    • Exceptional leadership appointments or elections (i.e. SBA president, Fulbright Scholar).
    • Recipient of campus/community related awards of distinction (i.e. UPD recognition for act of valor, Cancer Society Marathon Winner).
    • Students who excel in an area of professional recognition (Recipient of a highly competitive award or grant.
    • Best poster at a professional research event.
    • Outstanding accomplishment while participating in an external professional or community event.
    IMPORTANT: Do not tell the student that they have been nominated since they may not be selected. Selection and notification will be coordinated by the associate dean and referred to the dean for development of press release and website announcement.