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You belong in Applied Sciences.

This self-guided orientation page is a one-stop shop for all things Applied Sciences, from learning more about our programs you might want to declare as second majors or minors, to learning about important policies and procedures that empower students to complete their degree programs as seamlessly as possible. You will meet our leaders, faculty, staff, and students and have opportunities to connect through advising appointments and Town Hall meetings over the summer.

Step 1: Watch the Orientation Videos (see below)

Step 2: Learn more about our programs (see below)

Step 3: Get advised

Please note, you will have a one-on-one, virtual appointment with one of our Coordinators of Advising, Recruiting and Retention. Prior to your advising session, you will get an email from your coordinator asking you whether you want to be advised via phone or a Zoom meeting, and they will assign you a time during the days of your scheduled orientation session. Make sure you’re available to take a phone call or to log into a Zoom meeting. Your coordinator will then go through exactly what you need, help you plan your schedule as far as what section of each course to take, what time you’re going to take each individual course, and then we will actually book you for your courses. You will not have to go in and register yourself for the first semester.

Step 4: Visit a Town Hall meeting

Click here to book a spot in one of our live Town Hall Meetings.  You will receive a Zoom link via email the day of the meeting to gain access.  During this time, Dean’s Office staff will be available to answer any questions you have and just get to know you.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Bonus content:

Orientation Videos

Welcome from Dean Peter W. Grandjean

Meet our fearless leader and learn about the school’s mission and vision for the future.

About Applied Sciences Orientation

  • Meet Assistant to the Dean, Kelley Jenkins, and learn how the orientation process works.
  • Click here to download the slides for the presentations below. 


Meet our advising team and learn about freshman and transfer advising, advising during orientation, and FERPA policy. 

Keeping up with Applied Sciences

Learn about your degree audit, keeping track of your degree progress, and how to stay connected with faculty, staff, and students in Applied Sciences. 

College Credits and Policies

Learn about previously earned credit, how to add classes, class withdrawal policies, forgiveness policies, and class attendance policies. 

Our Programs

View the videos below. Click the program name for an overview of the program, including key benefits, graduate outcomes, experiences offered, specializations, faculty contacts, and course requirements. Download program sheets and handouts.

Health-Related Professions

Legal Studies and Social Work

Management and Administration

Bonus Content

Take a Virtual Campus Tour.

Check out the new ONLINE Viewbook for Applied Sciences.

Inside this Viewbook, you will meet students who discovered their futures and their path to becoming #UMChangeMakers in the School of Applied Sciences. You met them in the program videos, now learn more about their stories!