School of Applied Sciences
The University of Mississippi

Transfer Courses

Am I allowed to take classes at another school?

The School of Applied Sciences adheres strictly to University policy regarding courses taken by a University of Mississippi student at another institution. Written permission must be granted by the dean prior to enrolling in courses at another institution. Unapproved transfer courses will not be accepted. Under cases of extreme and unavoidable emergency where progress toward graduation is at risk, a student may petition the dean for pre-approval of dual enrollment credits.

There are a few important UM policies to remember, however, regarding transfer courses.

  • No course work completed at another institution while a student is on academic suspension or dismissal will transfer to UM
  • No more than 6 of your last 21 hours may be from another institution
  • No more than half of your total hours toward your degree may be from a community or junior college
  • At least 25% of your total credit hours toward your degree must be taken from UM

Once you have completed a course from another institution, it is your responsibility to make sure the school sends an official transcript to UM’s Office of the Registrar. Transfer courses cannot be counted toward graduation until an official transcript is on file here at UM. UM cannot accept hand-delivered, faxed or photocopied transcripts.

For any courses you wish to take abroad, you must obtain an application form from the Study Abroad office and follow the procedure for submitting that form.